Mrs. Price has been working with children all of her life it would seem. Even when she was in kindergarten and was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always said “a teacher”. Mrs. Price began tutoring students when she was in the second grade and continued working with various children all the way through high school. While in high school, Mrs. Price tutored exceptional students who had autism, developmental delays, and other special needs.

After this, she began working toward her Bachelor of Science degree in exceptional child education. Mrs. Price even worked here at LFMA in the before and after school program while she was working on her degree.

After receiving her BS degree and exceptional child certification for kindergarten through twelfth grades, Mrs. Price went on to co-found Hidden Potentials, a not for profit company working with regular and exceptional education students. During that time, Mrs. Price had the opportunity to work with exceptional students, primarily with autism and other challenging diagnoses, from around the world.

Students would fly in from other countries or states within the USA or she would fly out to them. Mrs. Price was in charge of developing behavior programs, and training parents, teachers, and therapists on specific behavioral techniques for encouraging language, academic, behavioral, and social success. In 2001, Mrs. Price came back to work at LFMA as the lead teacher of the kindergarten, first, and second grade classroom where she has been ever since. In August 2014 Mrs. Price realized her life long dream as she and her husband had the opportunity to purchase LFMA.  Mrs. Price has been certified in exceptional child education, behavior analysis and the Montessori method of teaching. She says that teaching is her “calling” and can’t imagine doing anything else. Mrs. Price has been married to Greg Price since 1995 and they have four children, Tiffany, Nicolette, Joshua, and Matthew. She is very involved with her church, teaching  students during Children’s Worship and Vacation Bible School and singing in choir, praise and worship teams, and their outreach band “Called”. In her spare time she enjoys singing, reading, and spending time with her family.



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