Basic Grammar Symbols 

70px-Noun Noun casa, person, book, tree
70px-Article Article a, an, the
(some can sometimes be an article)
 70px-Adjective.jpg Adjective red, cold, large, soft
 70px-Pronoun.jpg Pronoun he, she, it, they, you, me, I, we, him, her
 70px-Verb.jpg Verb run, sit, grow, bounce, is, are
 70px-Adverb.jpg Adverb quietly, slowly, badly, now, then, too, again
 70px-Conjunction.jpg Conjunction and, but, or, nor, if, because, although, unless
 70px-Preposition.jpg Preposition in, on, under, to, at, before
 70px-Interjection.jpg Interjection hey, ah, wow, ouch, hello, shh